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As the sport of rodeo evolves and contestants become house hold names, it seems only natural that the four legged athletes would

also become house hold names. That idea combined with a few of our favourite buckers was the start to C5 Brand.  As the idea evolved, we worked hand in hand with Calgary tattoo artist and past Calgary Stampede Princess, Whitney Thompson to create three different character
drawings representing the personality and names of F13 Virgil, D39 Make Up Face and 80 Rockstar.  This original artwork was printed onto t-shirts giving rodeo fans, horse lovers, proud Albertans and many more a unique and stylish t-shirt to add to their wardrobe.

In addition to Virgil, Make Up Face and Rockstar having their own fan club t-shirts, each horse also has a trading card.  Like professional hockey and baseball players, these bucking horses have trading cards outlining their stats, career highlights and photos of them.

C5 Brand was launched the first part of October at the Cinch Finals in Calgary, AB and was well received.  Its easy for people to get behind and support animals, horses in particular.  It seems once they know some information about them, like that Virgil looks over the chute into the arena and at the crowd before he bucks, people identify with them and cheer for them.  We have had great feedback not only on the t shirts, but on people identifying, cheering and asking more questions about where the four legged superstars are headed next.  While C5 Brand is successfully promoting some of our top horses, we see the long term impact of bringing a positive impact to the sport of rodeo as the fan base for four legged buckers grows.

C5 Brand t shirts are available on social media as well as the C5 Rodeo website.  Stay tuned for the C5 Brand Trailer that will be at our rodeos and other events selling C5 Brand!!